Preparation and studying are keys to success. Do you need additional coaching for an audition, a video recording for a Scholarship, work on a tune for jazz band?  Do you want to learn the latest Olivia Rodrigo, Taylor Swift or Beyonce song, or play along to an all time classic track? 

Students take lessons in a dedicated percussion space    with access to a full orchestral setup of percussion instruments including a full set of timpani xylophone vibraphone, 5 octave marimba and other instruments. 

Band Directors, I will work with YOU to make sure the student adds value to your program.  Percussion education is a team effort.  Without your support a percussionist won’t have the resources they need to fully succeed.  Lessons with me mean that we will makes sure that they are prepared for any situation they encounter from marching band to musical pits

Recently my students have been accepted to multiple state schools, The Manhattan Prep Program, Tanglewood, Juilliard Summer Program, All-State and Region ensembles on drumset and percussion.

My students have been successful whether that means owning and opening a bake shop on the lower east side, being a professional musician, or even surgeon, I focus on excellence and the enjoyment of music. At my studio We also have the ability to record and send out videos for  auditions and social media, and I have the means lend out my personal gear if required.